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Fort Lauderdale brings this suit in order to force Defendants

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aaa replica bags About Us”Within the next hour, six Americans will die from opioid overdoses; two babies will be born dependent on opioids and begin to go through withdrawal; and drug manufacturers will earn over $2.7 million from the sale of opioids,” lawyers for the City of Fort Lauderdale wrote in a federal lawsuit filed November 20 against Purdue Pharma and a litany of other pharmaceutical companies. They allege the companies’ corporate greed contributed to the costly opioid crisis plaguing the city.”The opioid epidemic was caused by the malicious conduct of Defendants motivated by the corporate need for ever greater profit. Fort Lauderdale brings this suit in order to force Defendants to share in shouldering the costs with which they have burdened the City,” the 314 page complaint states.Across the United States, opioid related deaths have skyrocketed. aaa replica bags

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